Floor care with Bona - three simple steps

Remove dirt and grit
Vacuum, dry mop or sweep to remove any loose dirt or grit. If you vacuum, use a soft brush attachment. If you dry-mop using the Bona Cleaning Pad, remember to remove any loose dirt or grit afterwards. Rinse with water and wring out the pad thoroughly before cleaning with Bona Wooden Floor Cleaner.

Lightly mist a 10 x 15 cm area of your floor or spray the cleaning pad directly with Bona Wooden Floor Cleaner.

Use a slightly dampened, well wrung-out Bona Cleaning Pad, and thoroughly clean the floor surface with your Bona Mop. Finish one area before moving on to the next.


When your cleaning pad becomes soiled, rinse it with water and wring out thoroughly before you continue cleaning. If the pad becomes excessively soiled, launder and replace it with a clean one to avoid streaking.


Some simple tips to avoid damage


  • Do use floor protectors
  • Do use walk-off mats
  • Do vacuum often
  • Do use throw rugs
  • Do use dust mops


  • Don't let sand, dirt or grit build up. They can act like sand paper: abrading and dulling your floor finish.
  • Don't clean wooden floors with a wet mop. Too much water can cause the floor to swell, warp or turn grey.
  • Don't use wax, oil soap or other household cleaners on finished wooden floor. They can dull the floor's finish and make refinishing difficult.
  • Don't let your pets' claws go untrimmed. Proper claw trimming helps avoid scratches and gouges.
  • Don't walk on your wooden floors in high heels and keep yur heels in good repair.

Bona Care Floor Cleaner System

A boxed starter kit containing one Bona Care Mophead with 3-piece pole, one washable Bona Cleaning Pad, a 1 Litre spray bottle of Bona Care Floor Cleaner and the Bona Care Maintenance Guide, which explains exactly how the products should be used to bring out the best in wooden floors in the home.


Bona Care Floor Cleaner, Spray

Pack Size Coverage Rate 1 Litre 250 M2/L Specially formulated for sealed wooden floors, this is a convenient, ready to use, pH neutral, spray-on cleaner that is also suitable for laminate, waxed and oiled floors. The special 'nonsmear' formulation leaves no build-up of sticky residue whilst effectively cleaning the toughest of dirt and grime.


Bona Freshen Up

Pack Size Coverage Rate 1 and 5 Litre 30 - 50 M2/L A ready to use waterborne polyurethane maintenance coating for most finished and pre-finished wooden floors. Freshen Up will revive a scratched and dull surface in addition to providing continued protection against wear. It meets DIN 18 032 for slip resistance.


Bona Cleaner

Pack Size Dilution 1 and 5 Litre Normal cleaning: 50ml/10L Very dirty floors: 100ml/10L A concentrated pH neutral detergent designed specifically for use on sealed wooden floors.


Bona Care Mop

The specially designed Bona Care Mophead with a 3-piece pole features an easy to manoeuvre swivel-head which makes it the perfect cleaning tool for large floors as well as hard to reach areas, such as under furniture and cabinets and tight corners.


Bona Care Refresher

Pack Size Coverage Rate 1 Litre 30 - 50 M2/L A specially formulated waterborne maintenance coating for all unwaxed finished floors which are dull, scratched or show signs of wear. Bona Care Refresher restores the beauty of wooden floors, increases the sheen and makes old floors look like new.